• How to Send Conference Evangelism Contribution Report

    Announced by Anonymous on Dec 31 2013


     Sending the Evangelism Contribution

    Report to the Conference

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  • New Conference Remittance Accounts

    Announced by CCC User on Apr 27 2011



    ~New Conference Remittance Accounts~

    Church Treasurers:

    Please create the following remittance accounts.  If you are using JEWEL, please make sure you follow these steps to create these accounts: Go to Maintenance => Edit Accounts => Add New Account, in the “TYPE” section, highlight “Conference Fund (Tithe, etc.)” then use the following numbers/names.

    • 81.38 NAD Outreach
    • 81.46 NAD Evangelism
    • 82.62 Soquel Capital Campaign
    • 82.37 Camp Wawona
    • 82.59 Capital Campaign Unrestricted

    Following is a brief explanation of the purpose of the Capital Campaign related accounts

    82.62 Soquel Capital Campaign ~ this account is to be used if anyone puts Soquel camp meeting grounds or improvements, central city donations, etc.

    82.37 Camp Wawona ~ this account is to be used for Camp Wawona improvements, Camp Wawona DVD and Camp Wawona Capital Campaign donations, or any funds specifically restricted to Camp Wawona on the tithe envelopes. 

    82.59 ~ Capital Campaign~ is for the general unrestricted Capital Campaign donations that come in through the tithe envelope without special direction to Soquel or Camp Wawona projects.

    For questions specifically regarding Capital Campaign please contact Bianca Rivera at 559-347-3126 or Jackie Phillips at 559-347-3125.