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Locally Funded Employee Conversion Process

(Information presented in Area Meetings - October 1 - 11, 2012)


Accounting Programs

  • QuickBooks
  • SouthEastern


General Conference Portal Guidelines


North American Division Accounting Manual


Information on Independent Contractors


Month end checklist for Academies

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The "7-Point Summary of Monthly Financial Information"

Information due to the CCC Education Department no later than the end of the following month.

For more information regarding this report, contact the Education Department at 559-347-3059.

Employee benefits

For more Employee Benefits information, visit our Human Resources website.


IRS Publications


Records Needed for the Audit(Elementary and Junior High Schools)

  • Cash Receipt Books
  • Cash Receipts Journals
  • Disbursement Vouchers
  • Disbursement Journals
  • Monthly Bank Reconciliations through June 30 (school year end)
  • Bank Statements through June 30 (school year end) 
  • Canceled Checks in numerical order
  • Savings Account Statements
  • Other Investments documents, T.S., CDs, etc.
  • Copies of monthly financial reports
  • Financial Statements through June 30 (school year end) 
  • General Ledger report for the fiscal years
  • School board minutes
  • Full backup of the school's QuickBooks database


Sample Financial Reporting